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    Stacey Burton
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Why I Drink Momme Coffee- Reason #2

I was young- my mid-twenties, and I took this job at a pretty mellow company in Northern California. We were this pretty small retail chain, and we had about five brick-and-mortar stores. I took custom orders from wealthy people.

The office consisted of under ten people, including the owner, who had grand plans for the company.

Five stores became ten, and our small, laid-back corporate office got a little tenser. Then our owner decided that we needed an “image” adjustment, and an offshoot office was opened in a more respectable part of California. Surprisingly,  the more respectable office didn’t take to our- jeans and t-shirts-lunch whenever -kind of atmosphere.

Then ten stores became fifteen, twenty. The decision was made that the laid-back office was not needed anymore, that respectability was the key to success. We were offered positions in the office in a better office. I got promoted from my customer service position to a planning position with a raise. I thought I was making so much money I neglected to look at the cost of living difference between Northern California and respectable California.

Twenty stores became thirty, and I worked 60 to 70 hours a week. I got promoted again and yelled at a lot. My mid-twenties disappeared into my late twenties, and I did a few things: work, get yelled at, feel like a failure, and sleep. I had severe financial problems because I was making a quarter of what others in my position in my town made.

 I had mental health issues because I couldn’t see a way out of the life I had made for myself, no matter what I did. I had physical health problems because I bottled up all my emotions and found myself with ulcers and GERD.

I was young and didn’t know how to set boundaries.

I’m older now. Wiser. While I might still struggle with boundaries, I am so much better.

However, I am stuck with remnants of those days. Namely, I still struggle with GERD and ulcers. So long story long- why do I love Mommee Coffee??

My ulcers and GERD stay inactive.

Reason #2 why do I drink Mommee Coffee? My stomach and esophagus are paying for mistakes I made in the past. Drinking Mommee Coffee is me being good to myself.

  • Stacey Burton
    Stacey Burton
  • CoffeeGERDMommee TalesSelf Care

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