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Staying Active, Stylish and Supported: Postpartum Exercise for New Moms


Cadenshae is an activewear brand truly changing the world for postpartum and pregnant women who like to stay physically fit. The business is “on a mission to ensure new moms have the correct information when getting back into exercise post-birth.” It is a brand making it easier for nursing mothers to work-out and women healing from the delivery process to safely and comfortably transition back to exercise.

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How the Heck to Handle Feeling Frustrated with Your Child

Child Mayhem

Motherhood is great and beautiful and all those glorious things, but it’s also overwhelming as heck. Many mothers feel guilty admitting their frustration when it comes to typical tasks such as the never-ending laundry and breaking up silly bickering matches. However, those feelings of frustration are absolutely normal and no one should ever feel guilty for feeling their emotions.

Especially when they’re pouring over.

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PostPOURtum Thoughts - Moms Discuss the Current and Coming Year


A lot can happen over the course of a decade, but a lot can also happen over the course of a year. These moms take a moment to sit back, take a caffeinated sip, and discuss the chaos and self-discoveries that occurred during 2019 and what they expect to see in the coming decade.

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Holiday Activity Calendar: Make Every Day Count

Holiday Advent Calendar

With the holiday season being the hectic time of the year that it is, finding a few moments to relax and enjoy your family can be tough. You may feel guilty setting aside specific times in your booked schedule to watch a movie with your child or do one of those cliché, yet beloved, holiday crafts. You may feel as though “setting aside” time shouldn’t be how it is when it comes to family. You may think it isn’t fair to your little one to “schedule” them in.

Though it may not always seem fair, sometimes you do have to schedule in time in order to create memories with your children amidst the holiday chaos.

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Bring Imagination Back: 3 Small Businesses Supporting Childhood Creativity

Curious Little Market

Though many parents try to limit the time their little ones spend watching television or swiping away on a tablet or phone, screen-time continues to engulf us – all of us. Many parents are often scrolling through social media timelines instead of snuggling with their toddlers and though this reality is sad, it’s happening.

So, where does this leave the growth of childhood imagination when technology growth is booming?

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5 Ways to Support your Child’s Interests with a Growth Mindset


We all want our children to succeed in their passions. But in order for any child to succeed in life, they must have the right mindset. It’s our job as parents to teach our kids the importance of hard work, improvement and perseverance. These are key values of what’s known as a “growth mindset.” You can teach your kids these values with the 5 following steps.

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Five Ways to Handle the Halloween Candy Chaos

Halloween Candy

Halloween can be a tricky time. An exciting time, but a stressful one for some. You want your child to have the best costume and experience every fall festivity your town has to offer. You want to make sure you get to every “Trunk-or-Treat” event and introduce festive movies into nightly routine.

And then there is the candy.

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Beating the Bullying Blues: Part II – When Your Baby is the Bully

when Your Kid is the bully

This thought can crush a mother’s soul. When she hears or witnesses her little one bullying another child, her heart can completely crumble. It’s not an easy picture to face and it’s an even tougher situation to explain – especially if the toddler doesn’t fully understand the scenario. This is when a mom really has to step back, redirect her emotions, and figure out how the heck to confront her child, the other children, and the other parents.

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Beating the Bullying Blues: Part I - Educators and Mothers Share Advice

Kids Bullying

Bullying is something many professionals, parents, and educators try to figure out before something negative happens. No one wants to see a child emotionally, mentally, or physically hurt. However, no matter how much effort you put in, whether you’re a parent or teacher, there’s always another parent or teacher not putting in the same effort you are.

And that’s a hard pull to swallow.

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Potty Training Tips and Tricks from Moms Who’ve Been There

How To Potty Train

Potty training is a magical time of Pull-Ups, “big kid undies,” and the sweetest, miniature potties. It’s a time when stories about pooping or peeing transform a toddler’s mind so they fully understand why they must always use their potty. It’s a time of creative sticker charts and positive reinforcement that do the trick every single time. It’s a time of smiles and giggles and big hugs when they wake up with a dry diaper.


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A Nonstop Summer of Traveling with Twins: What This Mom Learned

Traveling with Kids

One of the major things I learned early on in motherhood was traveling would be much tougher moving forward. No longer would I just quickly slip on my shoes, grab my phone, grab my keys, and be out the door. No longer could I decide to head out-of-town for the weekend last minute. No longer would a quick trip to the grocery store be just that – a quick trip. 

Good thing I recognized this truth early on because, man, was I right.

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Part III: The Summertime Manual for Mama – Beach and Water Play Hacks

Summertime Tips for Parents

It can be tricky remembering absolutely everything you need once you’re at the beach, a spray park, or pool. Even for infants and newborns, it can be tough packing everything you need to make sure your adventure is a safe and enjoyable one. Of course, the word enjoyable isn’t always the first word you think of when it comes to the long to-do list you try to check off before walking out the door. It isn’t always enjoyable packing towels, sunscreen, diapers, hats, umbrellas, extra clothes, extra bathing suits, snacks, and everything else you need along with remembering what you need.

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Part II: The Summertime Manual for Mama – Sunscreen Secrets

Putting SPF on Kids

Every baby is different. This is a truth that is said over and over again to the point where it starts ringing in a new mother’s ears. Though it is cliché, the truth is a good one to remember – especially when it comes to summertime skin.

Even if you are someone with naturally sun-kissed skin, you never know how your little one’s skin will turn out. If you’re someone with freckled, sensitive skin, your baby may not have the same struggles as you. Either way, it is always good to be as prepared as possible for sun safety.

But, of course, it isn’t all that easy.

Some sunscreens work well for certain babies while some can cause rashes or negative reactions. While some little ones do well with the application of sunscreen, others may fuss and scream and wiggle until their mama gives up.

Therefore, it is good to have many options available when it comes to maintaining your sunscreen sanity.  

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Part I: The Summertime Manual for Mama – Pregnancy Survival Tips

Pregnant Summer

When a woman is pregnant during the summertime, the heat can be absolutely horrendous. Heat and humidity can increase swelling, dehydration, and exhaustion… and just make a person all-out crabby. It can be hard finding comfort when the sun is pouring those heavy rays on your shoulders, even when you’re someone who loves the summer. Finding ways to stay safe, cool, and comfortable during those hot days will benefit both mama-to-be and the growing baby bump.

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5 Reasons for Kids to Practice Yoga

Yoga and Kids

Guest Post: Original can be read here.

Since our Yoga learning adventure shipped this month, we're exploring why yoga can be a wonderful activity for kids. Kids are naturals at yoga. As infants and toddlers, they are masters at happy baby, plank, cobra and so many other poses. And what kid doesn’t love twisting and contorting their body? While yoga is lots of fun for kids, there are also some awesome mind and body benefits.

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Part II: Beating the Mom-Guilt Game: How These Moms Felt Guilt and Got Over It

Mom shaming

Mom-shaming and mom-guilt are hard truths to face. They are pieces of pregnancy and motherhood that, unfortunately, tend to come with the territory these days. With social media and podcasts and bloggers out there expressing their blunt beliefs, those beliefs can sometimes negatively impact a mother.

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Part I - Beating the Mom-Guilt Game: One Mom’s Story

Mom Shame

Mom-guilt. Mom-shaming. These two phrases did not make a noticeable impact on my life until I discovered I was pregnant. They trickled their way into my every day existence through social media and family members or articles and friends. Of course, I knew about them since they were popular sayings being thrown all over social media, blogs, and podcasts. However, they did not hit close to home until I personally experienced the mom-guilt myself.

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