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Depression and Anxiety in Motherhood – Part I: The Many Forms

Cute Baby Toes

Every mother is different. This statement is probably a bit overused and cliché, but it’s an important fact to focus on when it comes to mental health. Since everyone experiences their own unique struggles when it comes to mental illness, the same goes for mothers during and after pregnancy. Many hear about postpartum depression and “Baby Blues,” but what many don’t take into consideration is how many women experiences the symptoms and struggles differently.

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Important Advice for Moms as the Unique School Year Begins

Going Back to School During COVID

The 2020 back-to-school season may seem a little different than years before because, well, it is. This change is not only stressful to many moms, it brings new questions to the forefront. Should my little one stay home from daycare? Should I put my kids in school full-time? What if I can’t keep up with virtual learning and my job? Will my toddler actually keep her mask on?

These are worries spinning around the minds of so many moms out there. Though these fears and frustrations are new, much of the advice as to how to handle these emotions is not. Facing these hurdles using some of the following advice (given by real moms facing the exact same challenges) will not only help you now, but also help when other stressors arise. 

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Pregnancy Uncensored: The Love-Hate Relationships Moms Have

Pregnancy Sticks

While some moms absolutely adore being pregnant, others would do anything to never experience it again. Every mother is unique which means every pregnancy is just as diverse. With that being said, not everyone will relate to what their friends or family members believe or experience during pregnancy.

Therefore, it’s comforting to hear all the different sides of the pregnancy coin.

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Reasons Why Feeling "Prepared for Motherhood" is Near Impossible

What to Expect when expecting

Many pregnant mamas confidently say they’re ready to be a mom. They may do everything in their power to organize and plan the nursery for the big arrival. They use every oil in the book to prevent stretch marks. They take every class and read up on all the recent research. 

The thing is, mental, emotional, and physical preparation for motherhood is challenging.

Read this article for some real-life-advice from some real-life-moms. They've been there. They've done it. And they want to help you through this next transition in life.

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A Real-Life Nightmare! Dad Ends Up Delivering His Own Daughter At Home When The Ambulance Is Late!

Mo Mulla and Daughter

Every single birth story is diverse, and they all have their inherent dangers. But as I sat down thinking about all the possibilities of what could have occurred, I felt safe knowing that even though things didn't go as we thought they would, my wife gave birth to a fit and healthy baby girl.

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Helping Children Overcome the Loss of a Pet

Child losing a pet

There is never an easy way to overcome the loss of a pet. It’s hard for absolutely everyone involved – including the little ones. However, young children may not fully understand the reality of such a scenario. This uncertainty leads to parents feeling helpless, their minds littered with questions: Should I explain what happened? Should we hire a therapist? Should we make up a story?

There is never a clean-cut answer because no child is the same.

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Quarantine Regression Confessions: You’re Not Alone

Regression in Kids

2020 sure has been a doozy. Not only have parents felt the tension connected with quarantine and COVID, but so have their little ones. With children struggling to understand what is going on in the world around them, they may experience some unlikely behaviors, emotions, or fallbacks.

These new feelings and actions may lead to regression – and this is totally normal.

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Fun Ways to Get Toddlers to Brush Their Teeth

Brushing Teeth for Kids

Innovative and lively methods on how to get kids to brush their teeth

We understand the tough daily battle you have to fight with your kids to make them go through their daily routine. Making them brush their teeth is no easier. However, should we blame the kids for making such a fuss? After all, who likes to leave the toy house to put a bristled stick in their mouth? We don’t. So, what’s the solution? Simple. Let us turn brushing teeth into a fun-filled affair that attracts the little ones.

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Keeping Up With Crafts: What the Heck Do You Do With Them All?

Storing Kids Crafts

Every piece of your little one’s art may seem special – up until you have twenty of the exact same paintings or pictures piling up on your dining room table. Though they are creative memories you wish to cherish forever, storage can get tricky after a while.

Below are some suggestions as to how to either save, send, or scrap some of the projects and crafts your children have created.

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Painter’s Tape Projects: Saving Parent’s Sanity this Summer

Painters Tape Projects for Kids

If you’re social media savvy, you have probably seen all of the popular posts involving painter’s tape. Whether it’s just some crazy trend or a way to keep busy during quarantine – Moms don’t care as long as it maintains sanity and keeps their kiddos creative.

Below are some creative projects moms have been doing during this time cooped up around the house. Get ready for your windows, fences, and driveway to be colorful and bright this summer.

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Poetic Proof That Sleep is the Best Mother’s Day Gift

Mothers Day Gift

After asking numerous mothers what their ideal Mother’s Day gift would be, it is incredibly clear what most mamas want on Mother’s Day: sleep.

Sleep. A nap (or two). A break. Time for themselves – you get the gist.

 Though flowers and hand-made projects and bed-in-breakfast are wonderful things, let’s be honest – sleep wins. The poems below are not only blunt, honest truths from the hearts of mothers, they’re what partners and loved ones need to put on the top of their reading list as soon as possible.

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Finding ME Time During Quarantine

Finding Me Time

This is new territory for all of us.  We have never been through a global pandemic before so it is not like we can turn to Grandma and ask “How did you cope?”.  We are all learning as we go.  We are figuring it out, and creating our new (temporary) normal in our homes.  First of all, I want to say that I am grateful that my family is safe and under one roof.  We are thankful for all the essential workers that are still providing for us in the economy. 

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You Are Not Alone - Postpartum Depression

Baby and Mother

Pregnancy can be rough, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  You will soon be holding that beautiful baby in your arms.  The flood of joy and emotions when they lay the baby in your arms is overwhelming.  It is here, it is your new reality.  I knew I was prepared for the knowledge portion of caring for a baby.  After all, I had read the books, and I had cared for babies more times than I could remember.  What I was not prepared for was my roller coaster of emotions, it was as if my body and mind had betrayed me when I needed them the most. 

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Staying Sane During Quarantine – Part III: Educational Activities

Educational Activities for Children

Whether you’re figuring out homeschool curriculum or trying to entertain your little one in creative ways, one thing is for sure – it isn’t easy. It’s hard work playing the role of mother, teacher, and friend. What can be even harder is stepping into the role of teacher if you don’t fully understand what you’re doing or know what new ideas to plan for next.

Luckily, there are some clever mamas out there who have thought up some ideas for you. Instead of searching Pinterest, emailing your little one’s teacher, or turning on Frozen 2 for the seventh time that week, try some of the educational activities below. These are little projects you can easily make from items you have at home and will keep your kid’s brain moving so you can sip your coffee sanely.

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Staying Sane During Quarantine – Part II: Creative and Crafty Projects

Kids Crafts During Quarantine

At this point, parents all over the place may be losing some of the creative energy they had when this quarantine started… as well as losing some of their sanity.

Well, we are here to help!

Below are some easy, budget-friendly projects you can do with your little one(s) if you are running out of ideas. Most of the options below are projects you can do with items in your home – so you won’t have to Instacart or Amazon extra items.

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Staying Sane During Quarantine – Part I: Fun Physical Activities

OCID-19 Kids Activities

The last few weeks have flipped the world upside down. Jobs have stopped. Events have been postponed. People are working from home. Parents are trying to figure out how the heck to teach their children common core math...

Parents are human and can only think up new, creative activities for so long before their brain explodes. Therefore, some moms put their creative energy out there for other moms to use. Below are a few creative activities to try at home to keep your little ones physical and moving so the parents don’t lose their minds.

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PostPOURtum Thoughts: Moms Admit What They Really Spend Most Money On

Mom Shopping for Groceries

Money. The word either brings forth tears of grief or tears of joy – especially for the mothers out there. Love and chaos may define motherhood, but alongside love and chaos comes financial strain. Though the strain can sometimes be avoidable or controlled (yes, Target… we are looking at you), there are many times when finances are extremely slim for personal reasons.

Whether it’s wrestling with paying the bills on time or fighting to carry all those bags out of Target, moms fully understand the struggle.

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Free Daytime Activities for Little Ones Many Moms Overlook

Twin Activities

When my twin girls became more mobile and talkative, I realized the days of hanging out inside in bouncers and tummy time room rotations were limited. I also knew, realistically, I could not afford to sign the girls up for a different activity every day of the week – nor would my sanity allow that. 

Therefore, I got creative.

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