Annie Froehlich, J.D.

Annie Froelich, J.D.

Mommee Maven: Annie Simpson Froehlich

Mommee Status: Mom of two occasionally-sticky-yet-ALWAYS-delicious boys

Her Busy Life: Mommee, Lawyer, Wife, Friend, Still-Sporter-Of-Maternity-Pants, Nutella Addict

Finding Mommee Balance Tip: "LAUGH!!!  A lot. Even in the throes of pandemonium, humor abounds.  Be sure to find - and devour - it!! Kids are the best natural comedians in the world, and there's no better antidote to chaos than a hearty old-fashioned belly laugh."

Why she loves Mommee Coffee: "It's my version of the proverbial oxygen mask - to keep pace with the Busy Life, sometimes a Mommee has to take care of herself first."