What is the roast level of Mommee Coffee?

The roast levels of Mommee Coffee vary across our caffeine levels.  Our Full Caf coffee is a medium roast, while our Quarter Caf and Half Caf coffees are medium-dark roasts and our Decaf Coffee is a dark roast. 

What is the grind of Mommee Coffee?

Mommee Coffee Ground coffee is a medium grind.  It is ideal for drip coffee! Hot Tip - you can grind Mommee Coffee Whole Bean coffees into a fine ground for amazing espressos! 

What is the return policy of Mommee Coffee?

All sales are final unless an incorrect product was shipped to you. Please contact us immediately if there is an error. An unopened bag needs to be verified and we will provide further instructions to replace your shipment with the correct item.

Why is Water Processed not on the Full Caf bag?

Water processing is a chemical-free method of removing caffeine from coffee beans.  Mommee Coffee Full Caf coffee does not have any of its caffeine removed, therefore "Water Processed" is not on the label. 

Where do Mommee Coffee beans come from?

Mommee Coffee beans are primarily sourced from Ethiopia, Peru, Columbia and Mexico.  Our focus is on obtaining beans that are high quality, organic, and fair trade. 

How much caffeine is in a cup of coffee from each bag?

It is difficult to provide the exact caffeine content of a cup of coffee since the caffeine content of any individual cup is highly dependent on how much coffee is used along with a host of other factors. See our Caffeination Info page for more information. 

A rough approximation of the amount of caffeine in a typical 8 oz cup of our brewed coffee is:

Full caf: 100 mg

Half caf: 50 mg

Quarter caf: 25 mg

Decaf: 2 mg (lower than normal decaf due to water processing)

How much acid is in Mommee Coffee? 

Average pH of standard coffee is about 5.155. Depending on the caffeination level you choose of Mommee Coffee, our pH levels range from 5.8 to 6.0 (6.0 is the decaf). However, there are two important things to note:

  1. Our premium beans are roasted in a proprietary roasting machine that lowers the acid content of the coffee. We have extensively tested our coffee and not only is it four times lower in acid according to pH levels, it also has less than half the chlorogenic acid as compared to typical coffee. Chlorogenic acid is considered the culprit behind acid reflux.
  2. On the pH scale, a pH of 7 is considered neutral. Moving to a pH level of 0 is more acidic and moving towards a pH level of 14 is more base. The really interesting thing is that each whole pH value below 7 is ten times more acidic than the next higher value. For example, a pH of 4 is ten times more acidic than a pH of 5 and a hundred times (10 X 10) more acidic than a pH of 6.

Read more information on our Caffeination Info page.

Where is Mommee Coffee roasted? 

Mommee Coffee beans are roasted in Sonoma County, California. Our roaster uses a proprietary roasting method - crafting a coffee that is low in acid and high in flavor.