Low Acid Info

Low Acid and Tastes Great...Mommee Coffee has your belly covered!

Our roaster utilizes a proprietary roasting process - delivering an amazingly savory coffee while extracting unfriendly acids. 

The benefits of our low acid coffee are two-fold:

1. Happy Stomachs - A cup of low acid Mommee Coffee is easy on your stomach. More-sensitive-than-usual pregnant stomachs definitely need that extra care.

2. Healthy Bones - Acidic foods lead to bone density loss and coffee is generally an acidic beverage. At a time when you are not only caring for your own bones, but growing those of another, you need all the bone support you can get. Our low acid coffee is a more bone-friendly approach to coffee consumption.

And how do we know that we are low acid? We've had our coffee extensively tested!

It is not enough to only test the pH of the coffee. Unfortunately, other "low acid" coffees on the market often only look at this simple indicator. A low acid pH number does not actually equate to a happier body. There are tons of different acids in coffee and studies are showing that only some of these acids are the ones responsible for acid reflux (chlorogenic acids, particularly diCQA). Mommee Coffee products were extensively tested using the industry's leading methodology of Dr. Shibamoto, a UC Davis professor in Environmental Toxicology. Our results showed that our coffee is truly low acid. We got rid of the harsh acid molecules while maintaining the flavorful ones.

Need a boost but not the belly-ache?

Enjoy a cup of Mommee Coffee and tackle your busy life while your stomach gets a rest.