Organic Info In-Depth

We are proud to have Organic certification on our coffee products. While saying that, it is important for all of us to be informed consumers. Not all Organically labeled products are created equal and not all products without Organic certification are bad.

Organic certification is a costly and time intensive process. Many small farmers who follow organic protocols are unable to apply for certification due to monetary constraints. 

And on the flip side, many members of organic standard-setting boards come from large food corporations. There has been a move to push for amendments and exceptions to organic labeling to favor large-scale production. Some pesticides are even allowed under Organic certification.

What does that mean for Mommees who want to eat Organic?

Read the full label. Talk to your grocer and farmers market seller. Search online. 

And what does that mean for Mommee Coffee?

We will do our very best to know our supply chain so we can serve you a healthy and flavorful bag of coffee.

Give your body and your baby the best with Mommee Coffee!



USDA Organic Regulations