Our Story

Mommee Coffee is a boutique coffee company specifically aimed at giving women coffee drinking options during the early stages of motherhood, and beyond.  The company was founded in 2015 by Emilie Simmons M.S. and Sharon Pieczenik M.F.A., longtime friends who met at Stanford University and share a passion for health, community, and new ideas. 

Emilie Simmons Mommee CoffeeEmilie is a “Mama”, an engineer, a corporate leader in the biotech field, and a devoted coffee drinker.  She and her wife (“Mamu”) live in Cotati, CA with their two young children, Cooper and Teagan.  Emilie first conceived of Mommee Coffee during her second pregnancy.  She needed to find a way to keep her cherished morning cup and be in control of exactly what she was putting in her body.  She began researching and blending beans and realized that she needed to share her discoveries with moms everywhere.



Sharon Pieczenik Mommee CoffeeSharon is a world-traveling filmmaker who focuses on environmental and social advocacy. Films on her CV range from projects on lemurs in Madagascar and polar bears in Canada to California's three strikes initiative and the injustice of juvenile solitary confinement. She lives in Oakland, CA and is a dedicated weekly volunteer on the Alameda County Crisis and Suicide Hotline. Sharon's passion for women’s health, mental health and female empowerment immediately drew her to Mommee Coffee.  She brought with her a wealth of ideas and questions that have come to shape the kind of company that we are and what we offer to the entire Mommee Coffee community.