Our Bean Partners

Mommee Coffee is proud to offer 100% organically certified, non-GMO coffee. And that's not even the best part...

We work with a roaster who partners with farmers dedicated to preserving their culture, environment and who invest in their communities' social services.

Our beans from Ethiopia come from the region of Amaro Gayo where the country's only female owned coffee miller/exporter grows exceptional coffee. Asnakech Thomas is native to the Amaro region. In 2005 she returned there to improve the living conditions of her community and the quality of local coffee production. She employs 32 people year-round, and 200 people during the high season. A majority of her employees are women and she is dedicated to bringing them health education and services. She is striving to build a local hospital with obstetrics, midwifery and pediatric services. Definitely a Mommee Maven!

Our beans from Chiapas, Mexico come from an organic co-operative farm organized 20 years ago by five tribes of indigenous Mayan Indians concerned with soil degradation, contamination and erosion. In these past 20 years, the co-operative farm has built a hospital, school, women's center, and state-of-the-art milling facility for their community. The members of this co-op earn three times more than the other local coffee farmers in their area.

We like to think that drinking Mommee Coffee is not only great for you but wonderful for the world at large...so grab a bag of ______ and let's do good together.